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7 Incredible, Miracle Uses Of Vinegar

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Sep 12, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Lemon-LR.jpgVinegar is one of those remarkable items, like baking soda, where it provides millions of astonishing applications far beyond its typical usage in cooking. In fact, one writer Margaret Briggs, has even written a book about 1,001 uses of the product! With a little creativity, vinegar does indeed have countless, useful properties around the home and beyond.

Today, we'll keep it brief with 7 interesting and versatile tips for using vinegar at home. 

7. Although not the most pleasant topic, vinegar is one of few solutions that eliminate the stench of cat pee. If you've got a four-legged friend, check out the video here for instructions on making it. 

6. Ever had to clean dust off your blinds? The easiest way people clean blinds is by taking a cup of vinegar, hot water, and rubbing off the dust with the solution on the gloves.  

5. Organic apple cider vinegar has made rounds in Internet circles for its beauty and cosmetic applications. Beauty bloggers. Products at stores can run up huge bills, but Tasty Yummies has a recipe here for making your own facial toner using vinegar! 

4. A cup of apple cider vinegar before conditioning softens the hair. All you do is pour it over your hair and rinse it out. 

3. White vinegar removes pesky mildew with a quick wipe-down.

2. For that matter, white vinegar and water in a spray bottle is a great all-purpose cleaner.

1. Lastly, clean of dirty wipers on the car with vinegar to stay safe on the road!

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